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The Criss-Cross directories from Dickman Directories, Inc. can help you locate new customers and fine tune your marketing strategy so you make the most of your advertising money.

We produce both books for selected counties in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and New York and CD-ROMs for almost the entire nation.

Every Department of your business can profitably use our CRISS+CROSS Directories.


Provide complete telephone and address information on sales leads. Efficiently organize telephone solicitation. Fit your sales program to productive areas.


Enable dispatchers to have "finger-tip" control of field men. Verify addresses or names on illegible orders and reduce special deliveries or service calls.


Verify addresses and telephone numbers of customers. Obtain telephone numbers for calls to deliverymen. Lay out delivery routes.

Direct Mail:

Personalize your direct mail activity. Save by listing correct address. Pinpoint a specific territory or neighborhood.


Obtain telephone numbers of references. Obtain telephone numbers when only address is known. Verify addresses and trace persons who have moved.



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