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Criss+Cross Plus® Real Estate on CD ROM

With Criss+Cross Plus® Real Estate you get all the functionality of Criss+Cross Plus® and add the ability to quilify your searches by real estate information. This comes on easy-to-use CD-ROMs and is updated monthly.

Using Real Estate information you can create lists of prospects who really need your services. This will save you time and make you more PROFIT.

The Criss+Cross Plus® Real Estate program contains 6 tabs: General, Building, Site, Financial, Census, and SIC.

You can use these in combination with Demographics, Street Address, Name, Phone (Radius), and you can see where they are by looking at a Map. Then with a simple click, print labels, postcards, or lists.

There are also many other features for our Criss+Cross Plus® Real Estate CD ROM, including:

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